Rare Type of Clarity

plant steps upon the sandy shorelines of indignation
set forth upon a mission to ply churning waters clawing at the beach
drink deep the scent of saline antiquity captured as sea salt
and think about the moments when you achieved a rare type of clarity
that made you think about everything and nothing in the stroke of an oar
as the rushing cacophony of sound and silence swamps your senses
like sonic remembrance cradled cloyingly in a conch

turbulence is rocking the plane of our consciousness
loft vexing inconsistency into ocean depths
that yawn before the disaffected like a ravenous feline hunter
the fangs of my biting commentary tear at flesh
to yank people clamouring to the cliff’s edge of temporal distraction
back onto the uneven stones of iniquitous reality

this rare type of clarity
imprints black ink onto barren canvas
the way the pad of a character on a creaky old typewriter
leaves a mark set to go throughout human existence
on a sprint across distances mere feet cannot trace

such movement anticipates docility
and skips through weeds of mediocrity
to strike the gong ending the show that animates us
like racist Disney flicks
adds flavours like Baskin Robbins
to a diversity no one in charge wishes to keep
lest the blend create a mixture that can’t coat the walls
of their comfort zones
the brushes used to paint over troubles
slash whitewall like the crack of co-opted
cat o’ nine tails striking back against past oppressions

the winds have re-formed the masses
that landed here then slid against each other like tectonic plates
until the earthquake of hatred wrought damage so deep
the very shape of our existence was altered irreparably
seismic trembling shakes the foundation of oppression to its core
violently tears vessels open like belching slavers
and that which seeps forward shall soon cover the whole earth
fear of this marauding migration inevitably
scares power to silence
but also sparks such rapid locomotion of entitled self-interest
power becomes an irresistible force
that, when it strikes the immovable object
of the wrath of defiled and bloodied dark masses
the impact bathes all peoples and their lands in plasma
Macbeth-like in its unrelenting permanence

there are those who question why the wrathful
cannot simply accept defeat, while the wrathful see
the destruction of those people simply as collateral damage
in the ultimate subjugation of those
who in the past wielded the staff and sceptres
of racial domination

and as the freedom sands my people tread
at the edge of watery consciousness
are fortified through the action of flowing anger
the rare type of clarity i achieved through
inhaling the reality of my social and racial inheritance
ensures exhalations of my mouth burn like salt
ground into wounds of the overthrown.

© A. Gregory Frankson, 2010. All rights reserved.


About Cytopoetics

Cytopoetics was founded in 2007 to provide event planning, artist management and creative services rooted in the literary arts in general and spoken word in particular. Our motto is "Creativity in Every Cell" and our mission is "to present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world."

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