NEWS: Next book of Ritallin Poetry in the Works

This week I’ve been participating in the 2011 Network Meeting for the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL). I was in Vancouver and then San Francisco participating in events related to the IIMHL meeting. I serve as Poet Laureate for the group, and wrote eight full-length poems with 10 haiku during the three days I was in San Fran. This goes along with the poems I wrote in 2007 in Ottawa, 2009 in Brisbane and 2010 in Killarney.

I received the exciting news that the IIMHL plans to fund and distribute a compilation of these poems, to be released sometime in the coming months. When the book is available I will be sure to share that information with you; in the meantime, I’m editing my poems and getting them ready for publication. When IIMHL distributes them, they will be made available for purchase in paperback form in seven countries.

Very exciting indeed!


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Cytopoetics was founded in 2007 to provide event planning, artist management and creative services rooted in the literary arts in general and spoken word in particular. Our motto is "Creativity in Every Cell" and our mission is "to present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world."

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