Now or Never

she told me it was now or never
it was a time for change
and the meaning of this can be found in the roots
of our discussions, electric and airy
instantly appearing in our mind’s eyes
traceable through the currents of our souls
as the juiciness of our blackberries
drips sweet nectar from the fruit of our labours
heavily into the pay it forward columns
of our life balances

the scales of justice finally tilt my way
one listing lip protrudes like a cleansing spout and
sand particles rain down like tears of joy
bury past dissatisfactions cadaverous cold
in the depth of previous despair
and in the sunlight of newfound clarity
where her eyes dance like marionettes with
strings attached nowhere except to my heart
i raise prayers to the heavens like poker wagers
flush with straight knowledge of my full house
of paired love brimming to bursting within me

i had convinced myself it would be never
the build-up of past emotional disasters
heavy like radioactive water in the Japanese sea
and the fallout just as everlasting
but the quietude at the core of my being that was
resigned to the yo-yo effect of unbalanced love
screams out in joy at the fevered reality she brings
into a life trying to be more than not unhappy
she makes me want to reach for more
the sound of her voice makes me yearn for more
her hand in mine makes me long for more
and her words of mutual attraction and affection
make me know more is possible between us

but even with that knowledge
i also know that now is not the time
not yet
changes need to happen that are beyond my control
the patient is still on the table and the
patient are awaiting their time of healing
with resuscitating knowledge the blessing is coming
belief and faith stoke the charcoal stove passion
she fuels in me with her poker to boil me to scalding heat
hot runs the fluids within me that sustain me
my heart pumps my self-esteem full with steam
and my confidence in what we will become explodes

at the root of it all, she is in me
has been for longer than either of us truly realized
misconceptions dating to the very beginning kept us parted
and like the Red Sea, when the water walls crashed back together
the misbelievers in the middle died in ignorance
but in this case the wayward were her and i
we drowned lacking the knowledge that one
held a torch for the other
we allowed the flames to be snuffed out because we
lacked the courage to tilt our torches together and
make the effort to forge sustained guiding light
out of fear the combination of flames
might scorch the holders rather than
illuminate the way ahead

but we no longer have time nor patience
to burn away the final traces of bindings
that lash us unrepentantly to the tree of knowledge
there is no sin in sampling this fruit
and feeling the river run down my cheeks
knowing she will be there to savour me clean
when the moment of sharing finally arrives

but in the present moment
she told me it was now or never
it was a time for change
the meaning of this can be found in the roots
of our newly amorous discussions, electric and airy
it branches out into all aspects of our souls
and leaves no unsweetened space between us
as the juiciness of our blackberries
drips sweet nectar thick with possibility
heavily into the pay it forward columns
of our life balances.

© A. Gregory Frankson, 2011. All rights reserved.


About Cytopoetics

Cytopoetics was founded in 2007 to provide event planning, artist management and creative services rooted in the literary arts in general and spoken word in particular. Our motto is "Creativity in Every Cell" and our mission is "to present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world."

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